Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sw Vs Nids 1500

Each player has one base, they are the objectives
Set up-
Dawn of war

My list-

Njal Stormcaller (with the squad in the dop pod)
Canis Wolfborn (With thunderwolves)

5 Terminators
5 Wolf Claws
5 Storm Shields

9 Grey Hunters
1 Melta gun
Drop pod

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns

4 Thunderwolves
1 Thunder Hammer
2 Storm shields

6 Long Fands
5 Missile launchers

His list-
(Not sure what they had on, but here is a idea)

2 Tyrant Guard

The Parasite of Mortex

6 Ymgarl Genestealers

5 Ymgarl Genestealers

30 Hormagaunts

8 warriors
8 Spinesfists
8 Talons

1 Mawloc

He deployed stormlord and its guard, 30 hormagaunts and warriors

I deployed 10 grey hunters with the rhino!

Turn 1-
Well I went first so

All my stuff walks on except drop pod which deciedes to stay near my base instead of dropping behind him,
grey hunters and njal open fire (he uses living lightning) killing a few gaunts.

His parasite walks on, he moves everything forward...about it

Turn 2-
Long fangs take out the parasite with missile launchers
Grey hunters both squads and njal continue thier murdering of the gaunts aout 8 left

Mawloc comes underneath terminators not killing one!
His gaunts charge my grey hunters which have plasma guns and all the gaunts died..
The squad of stealers pops up out of terrian next to njal and hist squad and assualt even combat 3 kills each.
Other stealers pop up other side of map.

Turn 3-
Long fangs wound storm lord and kill a gaurd with missile launchers
Thunder wolves and canis charge Warriors almost killing them all!
Njal and his squad kill 1 stealer and lose a few hunters
Termaninators charge mawloc, Mawloc fails to wound and terminators take 4 wounds of it.

He loses all his stealers from his squad assualting njal, and so now only 3 hunters remain.
He loses all his warriors in combat and the other stealers charge killing 1 thunderwolf.
Stormlord getting close :/
Mawloc goes underground again :(

Turn 4-
Last turn :P
Njal splits with hunters, hunters run towards my objective (they now hold it, yes my drop pod was next to my objective lol)
Njal uses jaws of the world wolf and takes out the storm lord!

At this point the other player gives up,
he has 5 stealers left and half a mawloc which is out of play, while I lost 1 thunderwolf and 7 grey hunters!

So I think this shows after all the worring about the new nid codex...they can lose and lose well they did!

The stormlord dying was luck! and without that luck it may have been a different mater, but he wasnt getting to me next turn as I would have moved back next turn as it would be getting VERY close!!

O well not bad!

Never lost with wolfs yet but on blog that is my first win (: