Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sw vs Eldar 1500 Planetstrike, first round of LGS league

So here are the lists-
No battle report as it was a 2 and a half hour game, so I was trying to win, not remember everything!

So my list-

Rune Priest
Murderous Hurricane

3 x dred in a lucius drop pod (1 ws a venerable)

2 x 10 grey hunters with 2 plasma and 1 powerfist per squad

6 long fangs- 5 missile launchers
6 long fangs-3 heavy bolters, 2 plasma cannons

Inq Lord, 4 vet guardmen

Vindicare assassin!

His list-

Autarch, jetbike, maniblasters, laser lance, fusion gun

10 Banshees with upgrade s in a wave serpent

10 harlequins with upgrades

2 x 6 fire dragons

5 shiny spears

4 reapers, 1 exach and upgrades!


We both had bad dice rolls! but in the end I won 2 objectives to none as all he had left was 4 banshees, while I had 10 grey hunters, the plasma cannon long fang squad, 2 dreds!

This was a big surprise to me as I thought I was going to get thrashed!
But o well!

next LGS league game is

Cleanse (4th ed rule, modified to 5th)
vs Grey Knights (: