Friday, 12 February 2010

Space Wolf Army Pictures!

Right for the college league I am using a wolf lord with twin wolf claws me thinks!

But anyway...Space Wolf army pictures, sorry they were taken with a phone so not the best of pictures!

OOOO Tanks, and Terminators! What is not to like?

Well tanks and drop pods, I have 2 more drop pods not shown in picture
Thunderwolfs! I also have canis wolfborn! These guys have been awesome for me so far!

Complete 9500 points of space wolves! I have 1500 points not shown(If not more) (5 lords, 2 drop pods, 1 wolf priest, 25 marines)

One of my 3 wolf priests ( I have one on bike and a basic one as well)

TBH I know I cant paint...the blue ones are the ones I bought off a mate for very cheap as my chapter was green to start with lol!
O well there is my army!