Thursday, 21 January 2010

Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard 1500

Right so my first game of this blog!
Didnt go aswell as I hoped but here are the lists and a quick run down on what happened!

My list-

Logan Grimnar

6 Wolf Guard
6 Terminator armours
1 has wolf claw storm shield
1 has thunder hammer
3 basic
1 has power fist, cyclone missile launcher
Drop pod

10 Grey hunters
2 melta guns
power weapon
mark of teh wulfen
Drop pod

10 grey hunters
2 Plasma guns

5 scouts with cc weap and bolt pistol

6 Long fangs
3 Missile launchers
2 multi-meltas
Drop pod

Land raider

His list-
Dont know 100% what he took, but this is an idea.

Command squad
Plasma gun

Reg command
plasma gun
standard bearer

4 x 10 guardsmen each squad with 1 lascannon

10 vets with 2 flamers, 1h.flamer and harker

bane wolf

3 heavy sentinels with lascannons

5 grey knight terminators
10 grey knights, 1 was justicar with power weapon


Turn 1-
Most of my stuff was off the field (deep strike and outflanking scouts)
so he took shoots and my rhino and raider and immoblized both!

2 Drop pods drop in!
1 with Logan, the long fangs and the wolf guard with cyclone missile launcher! all jumped out and opened fire using Logans relentless and destroyed the chimera and 4 guardsmen near by, with the explosion!
Grey hunters with melta guns dopped in failing to even mark the sentinals!
my other grey hunters in rhino got out and started going forward

Turn 2-
His grey knight terminatots when up against my grey hunters and took them out in combat losing 3 of his numbers aswell!
The bane wolf and mass fire power took out 2 long fangs

Drop fails to arrive, scouts come in his time edge
Logan runs towards his 10 grey knights and so do scouts, taking most of them down! and losing almost all scouts in return and a wounded Logan.
Long fangs blow up the bane wolf, and land raider pops are sentinel

Turn 3-
harkers squad comes in and walks forward from my left table edge
sentinels blow a weapon off my land raider
logan and scouts fall in close combat buit only justicar remaining.

my drop pod with terminators comes down and shoots and kills 4 guardsmen
drop pods are shooting guardsmen killing a few.
grey hunters who were in the rhino go after the terminators but even with plasma they just dont die!
land raider has given up! lol

Turn 4-
His terminators assualt my gery hunters and I lost 6 and run!
sentinels continue shooting at land raider with no effect
his justicar charges and dies vs my terminators and harker flames the terminators killing 1!
Takes out the rest of my long fangs with mass fire power!

My terminators charged harkers squad killing THEM ALL in one quick combat!
My plasma guns from gery hunters took down his remaining bodyguards and wound the grand master!

Turn 5-
Grand master wipes out remainging grey hunters in combat, and he opens fire at terminators (with alot) and fails to kill any!

My terminators squad goes into a squad of guard and won combat and they fleed off table!
My land raider instand kills the grand master :D
about it lol!

Turn 6-
More stuff shoot terminators! Nothing happens
Drop pods continue there shooting and are doing well vs the guardsmen.
rhino repairs itself! lol
Raider does stuff all!
My terminators squad goes in and slaughters another squad of guardsmen!

Turn 7- (yes we got here! )
His shooting...nothing to worry about!

My final turn was fun!!
my terminator squad charged creeds squad! I murdered his squad somehow creed and kell took a wound each and were remaining :( they murders 3 of the terminators, the one with thunder hammer killed kell!

And that was game over!

We deiceded it was very close (he won on victory points by about 10 points) but we called it a draw and agreed it was a good game!

So a draw :)