Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Space Wolves Vs blood Angels

Right to start with yesturday we didnt start the league, this is to make sure all the rules are sorted out! so when I get all the details I will post the details here!!

But I did have a friendly game against my mate who play Blood Angels!

So it was a annilation, and pitched battle (:

His list-
Something like this-



5 Death Company (with chaplain)

1 Frosio dred

10 Assualt marines (combat squaded)

5 Assualt marines

My list-

Battle Leader
Plamsa Pistol
Frost Blade
Wolf Tail Talismen (I was planning to be playnig eldar lol)

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns
Drop pod

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma guns
Drop pod

10 Grey Hunters (With the battle leader)
2 Melta guns

TL Lascannons
Side Lascannons


Lone Wolf

Turn 1-
I go first

Move everything forward, one pod comes in and unit inside takes out 4 assualt marines that were with the captain, other shooting failed.

I forgot how fast he was :O

Squad of 5 moves shoots and charges my lone wolf...he died lol
The captain and the last remianing squad member flew towards my lines igoring the hunters in front of them.
Chaplain and the death guard assualt the drop poded squad....wiping all 10 out :(
Other squad of 5 chargers battler leader squad...I WON! he Killed none and I killed 3 (:

Turn 2-
Drop pod comes in and opens fire on the lone wolfs killers...killing...wait for it!......1
Lascannon on pred kills the captain out right :D and finishs the last guy in squad off
Battle leader finishs squad of he and his hunters are fighting.
Vindi blows the arms of the dred

Dred is getting close :/ Chaplain and death company get close, rhino going around blocking me from shooting them, not much else this turn.

Turn 3-
Hunters will melta guns go and shoot the dred doing nothing -.- Its venerable...my captain lucky had split of after the chaplain.

Chaplain meltabombs the vindi...killing it Dred assualt 10 Grey Hunters with meltaguns, killing 1 haha no arms, but I cant strike back :(

Turn 4-
Plasma gun hunters from other drop pod kill 2 death company from range (:
Battle leader shoots and assualt chaplain and death company.. 1 died from plasma pistol, and his frost blade cut the rest done including the chaplain.
Dred doesnt kill anything in CC

Dred in cc is all that is left, kills 2 marines

Turn 5-
Hunters with plasma guns destroy rhino.
Only dred left!
Didnt do anything else except combat..1 more marine is dead

His last turn-
Dred kills nothing!

So...he has half of a dread left and I have a squad of hunters and half a squad, and a battle wolf!


But lessons leant? YEP, meltabombs are your friend!