Tuesday, 9 March 2010

College League-First two round!

Not going to write reports aswell.....

I won both games easily.. lol

me and my teacher are the only two with a 100% start and so its going well!

Ironclads annoyed me! but my longfangs took one down and my lord using melta bombs took down the other!

Rest of his army fell quickly to assualt!

Game two was against wolfs and well my calladus....took out, a long fang squad , a lone wolf, and a remaing 4 grey hunters! and was still alive!

This wolf player had a hq costing 235 which he cant change all through event! it won him first game but cost him second as I stayed away from him intill EVERY was able to charge him! my inq lord with a power weapon was the one to finish him!

So I won both and you get a bonus 50 points to keep each round for winning!

So 1100 points to use now :D