Tuesday, 20 April 2010

College league, Round 3 and 4!

Well round 3 was interesting, as my vindicator and long fangs won me the game! not much happened really, long range fire fights and blood claws killing marines! Dred popped his vindicator first turn! About it lol!

My second game, never happened as the player didnt turn up, so am given a instant win for that game!

so 7 points for me! (4 total wipe out, 3 normal win against player that didnt turn up)

So mt teacher who was joint first, made a slip up and drew against sisters of battle! and then won his second game with a drop pod stopping him wiping the other guy out!

So 4 points for him!

putting me 3 points ahead with 3 games to go!

The first prize is a battle force (: second is kept secret and 3rd is a T-shirt!

But if I win my next two games I win the league! as I got my teacher next month!

So good games once again (: