Saturday, 27 February 2016

Local Conquest LCG event!

Hello again!

So I went into a local Conquest Event this evening, not having played in a long time!
Barrie of Guardians of Tyr, gave me some helpful tips, on deck building and tactics!! So went into this event using Worr, even though I didnt think much of him on first glance... Barrie told me the errors of my ways!

So just a quick report but here it is!

Game 1-
vs Nids, Swarmlord and Gravid Terigon!

Opening 5 planets saw 4 greens, so I was happy about this!

First turn I took full control of the board and took the first planet. At this point I had a heavy resource advantage already and my opponent called it, with me already happily set up for the next turns.
I had a muster the guard in my hand, and was about to drop 6 units onto the board. So I was confident if we continued I could have won the next planets.

Planets 1 - 0
Warlord - Both not bloodied

Not actually from the game, we had a quick rematch as we had time! We chucked everything in! I actually won this battle!

Game 2-
vs Space Marines, Ragnar.

Opening 5 planets saw only 2 greens!

First turn I dropped a troop transport. I didn't put anything on the first planet and instead set up on 3rd plant. Doing this he only put a scout on the first planet.. but it was Green, I used troop transport to win it!

Second planet he had set up nicely but each had taken one damage (first planets ability) and I dumped a load of units there, and used inquisitor fortress on one unit, and then preemptive barrage and completely wiped the second planet, causing him to pull warlord out to keep him unbloodied.

Third turn! And I went for the 3rd planet, I was already set up and so I pushed everything. He did bloody my warlord, but it was always my planet. He pulled out his warlord so he could have a 'minor personal victory' of not having his warlord bloodied, but my planet and 3 blue planets!

Planets 3 - 0
Warlords - Mine Bloodied, his not bloodied

I was now the only player on 2-0

Facing the Marines!
Game 3-
vs Orks, Nazgreg.

Interesting game, with catachan outpost I found I was hitting harder then the Orks! He took command control first turn, but I still was able to win the first planet, again with troop transport and catachan outpost.

Second turn, I gained control of the field, as first turn I picked off his troops on one of the planets and I did the same this turn, and put more command icons down then he could!
Second planet was green, and while it was a bloody fight, I was able to pull it off, with another troop transport, elysian assault team, and what I already had there. His Warlord also got bloodied trying to win this planet.

Third planet, I had already set up on, and I put everything I had here this turn, including my warlord. He was unable to muster much of a defense, with 2 units and his bloodied warlord, I dropped his rocket boys before they hit me, and then I had enough units to swarm his remaining unit and to kill his Warlord! So I didn't get the planet but I did get the warlord kill.

Planets 2 - 0
Warlords - Mine was completely untouched, his killed.

A very hurt Ork Warlord sits there, thinking.

So after it being a long time since playing Conquest properly, I have won a event!
Going 3-0 and not losing a planet all event was amazing! And now I leave you with a picture of my winnings!!

Play Matt, Promo Stracken, and 4 Promo's

Luke Fishy Townsend