Wednesday, 9 March 2016

05/03/16 X-Wing MK Store Championship

So my first X-wing Store championship of 2016.

Going into these championships I had one goal, to get the top 8 range ruler to add to my collection! I have three championships to do this!

So 46 players turned up after a couple of drop outs.

A quick run down, as this is turning into a busy month and I am not having much time for blogging!
I do have pictures, but my phone for some reason, won't let me upload them to the PC, so no pictures :(

My list I went with was

Dash, Pred, HLC, Title, Intel
2x Gold Squadrons, TLT

Not sure what to use under wave 7 currently, so I took this as it should be easy to fly and I used to run Dash all the time.

Game 1
Fel, PTL, TC Title, Autothrusters
Howlrunner, Crack Shot
3 x Black Pilots, Crack Shot

I made a big mistake this game, for some reason I parked dash in front of the ties! While Dash survived longer then he should of, in the end he went down as did the y-wings. I was able to knock off Howlrunner and a couple of ties.

Lose 49-100

Game 2
Yorr, Palp.

Fel, PTL, Title, Autothrusters, Stealth
Omega Leader, PTL, Comms Relay, Stealth

This was a game vs team make and fellow Fishy Wargaming blogger Kyle, we knew the loser of this would most likely already be out of the cut.
I used Dash to hit his ships in the corner where he stays, but I went in to sharp causing, Dash to have a couple of bad turns. Omega leader found himself battered by the Y-wings, and as Fel disengaged to get a better chance, all my ships destroyed the shuttle, to the lose of a Y-wing. When Fel came back in, he went up against Dash and the Y-wing over a few turns and end up being dropped in the end. I did lose half of Dash though!

Win 100-50

Game 3
Dutch, TLT, R2-P6, VI
Doni, TLT, tactician
Horton, TLT, R2

A game vs another one of my team mates, this time Ian. This was a funny game, the TLTs seem to do near enough nothing to each other, only Dash seemed to be able to lay down any real hurt. Doni finally went down as did one of my Y-wings, and then we just kept trading shot, but Dash's extra dice really helped to drop the rest of his ships, but Dash was heavily damaged by the end.

Win 100-50

So half way through the Swiss, being 2-1 wasn't great, knowing that the only way to make sure I got top 8 was to win all 3 of my next games!

Game 4
Poe, BB8, VI, Integrated
Dutch, TLT
Esege Tuketa, Recon, TLT

A game vs a good friend, with a very fun and interesting list. My plan was to drop the Kwing quickly, as it combo's well with Dutch. Poe and Dash had a couple of early shots at each other, with neither doing much, but Dash coming out better. Then I focused on the K-wing, which went down under the fire power, this game kept going till Dutch and one of my Y-wings went down, and then a shield-less dash and my Y-wing finished off Poe over a number of turns.

Win 100-50

Game 5
Corran, PTL, Shield, R2D2, FCS
Chewbacca, Engine, C3P0, Pred

So this game was vs Sam, another good guy, and we have played various times before, but don't think he has ever beaten me, but the games are always on a knifes edge!

This game saw Corran going through a debris field two turns running, which a action-less Corran, was being chased by became a dead Corran.
Dash was heavily hurt by this point and spend most of the game staying away from Chewbacca. The Y-wings started hitting Chewbacca, but one went down.
Last turn of the game saw a 1 Hull Chewbacca at range 1 of a 2 hull Y-wing (who was out of arc!) and range 3 of a 2 hull Dash! Lucky for me, Dash killed off Chewbacca... If he didn't Sam would of took that game! Wow it was close!

Win 100-50

Game 6
Fel, PTL, Stealth, Autothrusters, Title
Whisper, VI, ACD, FCS

I made many mistakes this game, I was able to drop Whisper with TLT's and also drop the shuttle, but when Dash went down early, the TLTs just couldn't put enough damage on Fel.

Lose 63-100

I was gutted losing this game, as with that I thought quite a bad MOV, I was out of the running. So packed up I did, and got ready to leave....

And rankings were called.... I was 8th! I made it in by 21 MOV!!

So a quick bit of food and unpack and I was off again for top 8!
Now I got my range ruler, so I was quite happy.. but I couldn't get my head back into gaming mode, and it showed...

Top 8
Vader, VI, Title, ATC
Whisper, VI, FCS, ACD
Shuttle, Palp

So a quick run down.... I lost quite badly, this game was recorded so I wont say much, but I didn't fly well at all, I did drop Vader but that was it.

Good day, but a long day!
The guy (David) I lost to in the top 8 went on to win the event! Go David!

I have two more championships at the end of the month!!

Luke Fishy Townsend