Sunday, 21 February 2016

Guest Writer Lee: Talks about where Scum are in the Meta.

Hey guys leebo Williams here, its been a while since I wrote anything for the fishy wargaming blog,
but here we go. As I sit here following another vassal defeat, I ask myself the question I have been
asking myself since the release of my beloved faction “scum and villainy”.

This is by far my favourite faction and whenever I am building a list I always start with scum and Kath
Scarlet in particular. I love Kath and fly her very well even if I do say so myself. The two tournaments
I have under my belt have been won with Kath as my lead pilot. I tend not to fly slaves like most
people and go very fast with them and am not afraid to k turn to make sure I can return to combat
on my terms.

Now we come to my dilemma I wanted to try some of the other good pilots in the faction and
tonight I played ig 88b with ptl, advanced sensors, Mangler cannon and auto thrusters accompanied
by 2 black sun ace khiracx fighters with Crackshot and Glitterstims. I was up against Corran dash
build and while Corran went down very quickly the fact that his dash had hlc and my 3 ships are all
forward facing I lost the khiracx one by one and then played cat and mouse with the ig for a while
but slowly got taken down with dash only on 3 hull. Now without a 360 turret or an auxiliary arc I
believe I was very lucky to get dash to the point of maybe killing him. So am I barking up the wrong
tree? have the IGs had there day? Well in the hands of a good pilot they still can be a force to be
reckoned with if you have a pair but one on its own? I’m not sure how to make them effective they
need more than just lots of tokens they need the regen of A or the free evade of c or the
unpredictable nature of Ds sloop.

Now we do have Tlts y wings but if you haven’t listened to the cloud city podcast I am not a fan of
spamming Tlts in any list it’s just not x wing in my opinion, but what do I do, do I take a pair of them
with and IG so I have cover for when I need to turn the 88 round? Or do I stick with my beloved Kath
and put two Tlts with her, again it is a question of list building, which is as much a part of my hobby
as playing the actual game. Now with our store championships coming I believe it’s a point of fly
what you know and I think I may as well keep going the way I know and my first love.

Now this is a long way to waffle on about testing stuff but it comes down to comfortable flying,
running what you know and then sticking with it, in this game practice really does make perfect.

Thank you for reading my rambles and fly casual and may the force be with you.

Leebo Williams