Saturday, 27 February 2016

Scott Byrant: Sheffield X-wing Store Championship Report


Another stores Championship event this time in sheffield at The Outpost
they also have a facebook page check them out.

LIST LIST LIST LIST well i made so many in the 5 days i had to plan for this event and changed my mind so many times.
what if i did this what if i tried that ooohhh this list looks good etc etc.
My problem is i dont get much time to play at all usually about once a month,and i havnt played since my last blog / battle report where i came 11th out 18 with a 2-2 record.
( please check that report out aswell if you havnt had chance to on this site aswell.)
I wanted to test new k wing ive got ,i also wanted to get new c3po alt art card in a list and had few in mind but as had no practise time i decided on virtually same list as last time with slight tweak.

MY LIST.......................................

PS 4 Z95 again no change
Ps4 Stresshog again no change
Dash this time instead of predator and recon i went

dash ,ptl,hlc,eu,kyle,outrider 58 pts.

My reasoning was i did struggle with the doughnut hole with only 1 action per turn so thought ptl will help with that and it did so did the free focus tokens from kyle..
And the hog when it does get vs aces does cripple there actions as it did vs 3 x xwing aces in last event.


ROUND 1 HERE WE GO............
Vs An experienced player flying

Vader tie/x1 adv comp EU,PREDATOR

He set decimator in middle and vader to his right after ive set z95 & hog to my left and dash in middle,ok im thinking inch forward slowly try get stress shot onto vader if not kenkirk depending which to then set dash onto.
Well the hog didnt even manage to get a shot of at all i think i went to fast like turn 3 instead of a 1 z95 made 3 soft left hoping it was going to block vader but missed by tiny ammount vader was then in range 1 z95 and shot of y wing aswell,he nearly stayed and turtled up but instead took action to boost and barrel roll away so he had no shot and i didnt either DAMN.
Also kenkirk move just got him out of z95 & hog arc aswell so dash laid some damage on kenkirk but only like 2 or 3,kenkirk hit the hog for 3 damage.
K turn from y wing to face vader again but vader flew of and action moved out of arc again and took damage from an out arc decimator again,dash hit decimator again for damage taking rest of its shields.
Well this is where it started to go wrong the hog died without even getting a shot off and iv got z95 stuck infront of kenkirk making him bump me so cant shoot that but can shoot dash,
Dash is rolling 4 hits with help TL and focus but with this build and pilot the Decimator is getting plus 1 agility & Ysanne gives it free evade hes rolling for evade using lone wolf for re rolls turning focus to evade or emperor to evade so basically has 2 evades every turn so im only doing 2 damage ( if i roll 4 hits that is)
well z95 drops the first time it finally gets shot and i take the decimator down to half health before dash dies,vader is totally untouched..
i think should have gone after vader with dash 360 arc even if took him out and idnt win game the mov would have helped.

GANE LOST 100-31 Not a good start.

GAME 2.......

2 X Dagger squadron b wings with title and gunner on each &
T70 x wing ps4 red squadron veteran with R2-D2 ,AT,PREDATOR.

Same ps in this game so i had move first shoot first i set up to far left and dash on right bringing z95 and hog up slow then hard 2 right to meet their 3 ships that had come straight down middle,dash had gone up and flanked in soft left getting first shots on b wing doing 3 damage with no shots back.
The stresshog got alot of stress shots of this time also putting damage onto bwing aswell z95 did tiny damage.
Tried a block with z95 that did make 1 bwing touch but also then had no shots and was in range 1 of the other b wing and t70,so lost it in this round of combat.
t70 had just k turned so hit with 1 stress from y wing but actually made big error as was range 1 of bwing i shot in worng order i should have shot b wing with primary range 1 adding stress and then gone tlt onto t70 adding 1 stress to that,but messed up so could only do primary this time WHAT A MUPPET well didnt make that mistake again.
Dash hit same bwing with more stress and on the next go so focused on the kill shot i boosted out of range 1 to get the kill shot which i did but also into arc of the T70 and took 3 damage another bad mistake i could have a should have waited as had no shots on me.
Few more rounds the b wings had gone id had couple nice only taking 1 damage of bwing with gunner my y wing dropped and it was then t70 full health and no stress by now vs dash who had 2 shields.
t70 went on the run abit and with dash move second ptl dealt some solid damage but also went down to half health game over

WIN 100-71
not happy with mov on this win with dash good movement i should have dealt more damage not moved into arc and not messed up on firing order i think def should have maybe slowed down z95 & hog let dash do some bigger damage before they could even fire..

GAME 3........Graham Saunders
CHEWIE YT-1300 c3po,r2-d2,predator,title,anti pursuit &
Jan in hwk with predator,kyle,moldy crew,EU

We showed our list before lunch and had time to have a think try set a plan,we was both on records of 1-1 and knew we each needed a win.
Jan can raise chewie primary by 1 adding a stress to itself this scared me,moldy would add focus stock pile & knew chewie would be a tank and take some shooting i wanted to kill jan first.
I set z95 hog up again far left dash middle jan and chewie was in middle but jan went on the run to his left hiding behind chewie as dash came up left to keep out arc and long way around full flank trying to get that shot on jan we had good 4 /5 turns moving then finally got some shots out.
Dash hit jan with a solid 3 damage and the other 2 chipped at chewie double stressing him so at least he couldnt title evade,the hog took damage.
Jan ran out of places to run as had dash behind him right infront of me on gaming mat and the other 2 in front he was on 1 hull so dash hit chewie so did z95 and tried to finish Jan with stresshog i failed both time but at least double stressed it,jan died the next turn.
z95 dropped and hog was badly damaged so i sent it off as fast as it dial could take it,whilst dash went in to try finish Chewie off.
r2d2 crew kept rolling a hit recovering a shield and everytime i pick the card it was a useless crit to what was happening kept getting crits that add more stress,chewie had like 6/7 stress already lol.
Right at the end graham had to call 1 on c3po roll to save him & got this twice so slowed down the hits and just before he died he managed to take out my y wing frown emoticon messing up the mov dash was above half health so...

won 100-42
really needed that y wing to stay alive that mov again is massive.
great match though vs list never faced like that before yet was fun.
c3po did his job very well r2 kept playing up.

So im 2-1 going into last match knew had to win to get any chance of anything..

SCUM firespray Boba loaded with allsorts &
yv-666 bossk mangler cannon ,greedo,and lots other bits both ships 50 pts.

Iv played a yv666 before i didnt rate it my aim was hit that first get it gone he set up smack in the middle next to each other,id already set z95 hog again to left and dash to right,his moves was 3 straight for both for first 2 turns.
i brought 2 small ships across to middle then turned to face dash had got up and around did have range on bossk so hit boba with solid damage so then changed plan & focused fire on him next round adding stress and really taking it to him,my hog took big dmage and drop nxt round after but so did boba so im now after losing z95 next round its dash vs bossk..
Well looking at its dial im thinking ive got this but dash had to move first and all sudden each move he made was hard 3 so as the moves go on im there trying to stay out of arc guessing way he goes adding some damage to him but when i guess wrong i took some serious damage.
his set up mangler turn hits to crit if i didnt defend this they then turned 1 crit into 2 hits and if i took damage card the first card was face up as crit BRUTAL dash was soon under half health and he was aswell.
Made big mistake 1 move i should have gone soft 3 away boosted and barrel rolled would have prob been in arc but had range bonus and asteroid bonus & would have taken him out of his hard 3 circle he was doing towards closer asteroids.
i went hard 1 barrel roll boost and ended up taking bi damage as he went 1 soft instaed of 3 ouch.
finished bossk of with dash having like 2 hull left

WON 100-71
ill never underestimate that ship or any other ship again and if i face a yv666 again ill def chip it down some shields before i face it 1 on 1 again & ill also go off to range 3 take an attack but have range bonus etc.


My MOV was 9 pts short of the top 4 cut 9 pts im gutted i would have faced the player who beat me he had gone 4-0 in swizz so once again id faced a top performing swizz round player who was looking strong to win the event,he had beateb tom reed in last round of swizz.

I Won alt art c3po & store championship top 8 range ruler that i really wanted so was pleased with this but gutted about the mov and been so close.

TOP 4 MATCHES........

MIRANDA ,POE ,STRESSHOG (same list i was gonna run but i dont have autothrusters yet)

Tom won

THE vader & decimator who beat me vs wedge,ello,1 x z95,1 x xwing ps4 i left this match deep into it vader and decimator had damage and was looking like an upset but dont know what happened but imps won again so the final was..

TOM VS imps, i didnt see this match dont know what happened but tom won the event..


Im pleased i stuck with my sameish list gave it another go it paid off i had great event only losing to runner up and guy who had 5-1 record on the day but really no good with my mov and dont know with the hog and z95 how to keep them alive losing them is 42 pts dropped so i think on my next event they are both out and something else stronger in.
So until nxt time which is 19th march at my regular main club
THE GRID DONCASTER they have stores event going for record 32 players.
thanks for reading hope this all makes sense have written it late at night and hope havnt dragged on to much