Sunday, 14 February 2016

Star Wars Armada Event, Lost Arc Games 13/02/16

So a early morning but the prospect of three Armada games was appealing...

Worth noting, I am going into this event with only one game under my belt, this is a brief report.

So a 9 players Store Championship at Lost Arc Games, and well least I might get top 8 rulers.

So my list for the day is.

Imperial II Class Star Destroyer, Motti, Gunnery Team, Redundant shields, Relentless
Victory II Class Star Destroyer, Gunnery Team
Victory II Class Star Destroyer, Overload Pulse

4x Tie Fighters

So a bit of a random build, but I am going into the game, looking to learn more then anything.

Game 1-

MC80 Cruiser (Ackbar)
2x MC30C Frigate
4 A-wings

This game was brutal including him being able to stick 9 damage on my ISD in one go.
The game looked his, with my losing a VSD and both my other ships heavily damaged.
Our fighters near enough cancelled each other out.

But then his MC80 went down, and everything changed, the MC30's couldnt stand the remaining fire power and couldn't stick any damage back onto the remaining star destroyers

Win 370-201

Game 2-

Mc80 Cruiser (Ackbar)
2x Assualt Frigate
5 X-wings

So first 4 turns nothing, not even a shot!
Last couple of turns he put enough damage through while I struggled to line up any real shots, my VSD's didnt shoot once

Lose 12-113

Game 3-

3x Assault Frigates
1 CR90 (Ackbar)
5 Awings

Going into this game, I had have enough of playing against Ackbar, and once again I was playing vs him!

Brutal game, where he kept his ships at high speeds meaning I never really got any good shots away.

Lose 80-298

So a good day, with me finishing 5th! So I got some templates which are cool.

Overall the game needs some variety and soon, as I doubt I will attend another event while Ackbar is everywhere!

Good day though!