Friday, 19 February 2016

Jay Whitbread: Warmahordes, Tales of a Journeyman

Tales of a Journeyman - A Warmahordes Story
By Jay Whitbread

Hi all, first attempt at writing a blog, but I am delighted in joining Fishy Wargaming. Bear with me if I go rambling. I started wargaming way back in the VERY early 90s ('91 I believe)
through the tried and tested method known as 40K. Eventually was drawn back in at the tender age of 25 this is when I discovered other systems and that, in a much shortened version, led to me meeting Luke and writing this.

So, I'm from Eastbourne and do my gaming over in St. Leonards, with the lovely folks at 1066 Wargaming. Recently, our resident Press Ganger decided that a Journeyman League (JML) would be
JUST the ticket to spice up the New Year. How right he was! Suddenly, we have people popping up with battlegroups saying they want to play. GREAT!! Now comes the hardest part for me...


Well, after MUCH deliberation, I went with Everblight. The imagery of the Legion just shouts at me and I love the idea behind their fluff.
This meant choosing between the standard "off-the-shelf" pLylyth set or one of the awesome alternate lists from the Journeyman League rules.That was easy, pVayl's group was chosen as I owned it all except the warlock herself.

If you've never played Warmahordes, then a JML is a great way in. If you've played one half (Warmachine or Hordes) but not the other, JML is a great way to learn.
I've been a Cryx player for a couple of years now and, as anyone who has seen me play will tell you, I'm not that good with them.
The opportunity to learn a faction from the ground up has made Legion so much fun, as I discovered in my first two games!

Game 1 - I got to face down Iron Lich Asphyxious (Cryx) and his battlegroup. I was outnumbered AND outgunned (his heavy had a Range 13 gun!!) straight away.
The aim (we thought) was to assassinate the caster, so I decided getting up the field rapidly MIGHT put Cryx on the back foot.
Vayl put Leash on her Scythean, walked forward and pulled the warbeast with her, before it went wandering further forward into the woods.
 In the meantime, the Neraph flew forwards rapidly. Well, I forgot how versatile Cryx Bonejacks are, as they advanced RAPIDLY!!
I won't bore you with a blow by blow but, needless to say, things got violent VERY quickly.
The Scythean went down like a sack of spuds and the NEraph fell foul of pAsphyxious' feat, leaving Vayl wondering how her lack of ANY threat in melee would play out.
Cunning placement, of course, won the day with her throwing the spells Malice AND Hoarfrost directly at an unguarded and focus-less enemy 'caster, killing off Asphyxious.

A jammy win but a fun game and that is what counts.

Game 2 - Circle Orboros are a tricky faction. High DEF makes smacking them quickly a lot harder, as does all their movement shenanigans.
I started with exactly the same opening gambit, learning a few things about positioning from the Cryx game.
A more conservative approach was favoured by my opponent but that, I soon found out, was a red herring! Suddenly,
my Scythean is being battered seven ways from Sunday by an angry Warpwolf and an Argus! I was in trouble,
the Neraph was out of position thanks to his 'caster (pKaya) using Spirit Door to shift across the table!
Leaving melee was the only option it had, so the free striking Argus had a go and missed, much to my relief.
I was now in a position to hurt Kaya and my Neraph used its animus to great effect, inflicting hurt upon the Warpwolf and seeing it leave the table.
The two Argus remaining went for Vayl, she was open and it was a wise move but, to my opponents chagrin, one missed! The other hit Vayl for 11 damage,
of which she then transferred half BACK to it thanks to her Talion rule. With Chiller cast on the Neraph, Kaya was a sitting duck at -2 DEF and plenty of Fury available to boost rolls.
In total, the Neraph smacked Kaya for 38 points of damage, some being transferred to the Argus but, eventually, she died.

I play for fun, even if I am getting my backside handed to me and this was a fun evening! I'm looking forward to the next phase, 15 points!
More stuff to kill and be killed by! Now, if you'll excuse me, I should get back to my painting...