Monday, 7 September 2015

MK X-wing Event, Assassination

So once again off to MK to play in a X-wing event, but this time with a twist.
"You Must Use Either a unique pilot or crew as part of your 100 point list.
If you face an opponent who has the same unique character, both you and your opponent remove either the pilot ability or turn over the crew card so that neither player uses it during your game"

So a nice rule, which could make it extremely interesting if you face any mirror matches.
I made a choice to test a Imperial list idea I had and here it is!

Darth Vader, Title, ATC
Soontir, PTL, Autothrusters
Whisper, VI, ACD

So basically we have three awesome arc dodging ships, but none of them could be loaded out fully, so this event was to decide which two I will most likely stick with and replace the third with a shuttle!

So into the games.

Game 1 vs
Dash, PTL, HLC, Nien, Engine
2x Blues

Great so Dash with HLC, this could really hurt my ships, and it did!

I was able to drop the B-wings but losing Fel and Vader in the process,  but in the end the HLC was to much for Whisper to survive.

Not a good start for the arc dodging Imperials 

Lose 44-100
Soontir Trying to put some hurt onto Dash

Game 2 vs
Razzi, Bossk, Gunnrer, K4, Engine
2x Black Sun kihraxz fighters, Glitterstim, Crack Shot

O great... A list which can make Soontir Agility 1 for a turn! Ouch!

So first exchanges saw me drop a Kihraxz before it even could return fire.
He dropped Vader and Soontir while losing his other Kihraxz and while taking a few hits on Razzi...
Now this game turned interesting, so many times he should of killed Whisper, only for Whisper to make a great agility roll or for Razzi to fluff the roll completely.
In the end Whisper was able to finish Razzi off, but Whisper really pushed his luck.

Win 100-62

First Kihraxz Fighter dies from Phantom and Vader
Game 3 vs
Doni, Extra Munitions, TLT< Recon, Homing Missiles, Ion Bomb
Cracken, Cluster Missiles
2x Bandits with a missile each

Now TLT can really mess my ships up, but it turns out he used a homing missile which didnt cause any damage, and then Doni was destroyed before the ship was able to shoot again!
After that my ships were quickly able to pick off the headhunters 1 by 1, in total I only took 1 damage and that was to one of Whispers shields, both Soontir and Vader were untouched.

Win 100-0

So at 2-1 this point, with a list I am struggling to fly well, I decided I would be happy with 1 more win and go 3-2 on the day.

Game 4 vs
Binayre, Feedback
Talonbane, Pred, Engine
Ps 5 Scyk, Title, Mango, Stealth, Crack Shot
Blacksun, Crack shot

Interesting game, that saw Vader get taken down first turn, after that Soontir went arc dodging and the other player went straight after him, while Whisper drops the Blacksun Kihraxz and then 1 shots the Scyk.
As Soontir got trapped in the corner, Talonbane Cobra had only a couple of Hull left and the Binayre due to feedback and taking a shot only had 1 hull remaining. So Cobra finished off Soontir after a good 6-7 turn chase, but this left Whisper to kill of Cobra and then next turn finish off the Headhunter!

Win 100-62

Soontir dodging all but 1 of his 4 ships!

Game 5 vs
Doni, TLT, C3P0
Horton, TLT
Dutch, TLT, VI, Elite pilot droid

Well... a list that should take me to pieces, the dreaded TLT. Early on I got Horton right down and was unlucky not to finish him a turn or two before I did! But the TLT took there toll on my list and I just couldn't keep my ships from losing shields and Hull.. first Vader then Soontir. Then Whisper did jump in and kill Dutch only for Doni to finish the Phantom off.

Lose 62-100

Prepare for incoming from them TLTs!

Overall a very good day, and finishing 8th out of 26th, with a list I didnt fly well cant be to bad!
So I will look into a new Imperial list or changes to this one, but back to Rebels for the next event.

Prizes I took away from the event.

Promo card and Lando bobble head

He goes well with the rest of them! He looks Nervous with Vader next to him though!

Hope you enjoyed the read!
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