Monday, 7 September 2015

Local X-wing Event!

So a small local X-wing event, 6 players, I run happened over a week ago now, yep its took me a while to sort out the write up.

Quick disclaimer, this was very quickly written, so please forgive all the grammar mistakes.

Now I had to play because of a odd number if I didn't and I don't like making a player sit out every round, anyway a very quick run down!

My list-
Vader, Lone Wolf, Title, ATC
Redline, FCS, extra Munitions, cluster missiles, plasma torps
Shuttle, Emperor

Game 1 vs
Lando, Expert Handling, Assault Missile, Nien, Title
Wedge, Markmenship, Proton Torps, R5, Engine

Wow this game was interesting, it turned into crit heaven, with Vader getting at least 2 crits a time on the Falcon, with Emperor and ATC, Redline didnt do much, shoot 1 or maybe 2 shots all game, except from that, Vader won this game basically!


Game 2 vs
Kath, Rebel Captive, Autoblaster, PTL, Engine
Rexlar, Engine, PTL, Ion Cannon

Close game, where damage just wouldnt stick! I got 3 missiles/Torps off with redline and basically did a couple of damage in total! I did get lucky and was able to drop Rexlar near the end.


Game 3 vs
Lando, Nein, Gunner, Title, PTL, Engine
Dutch, Ion Turret, 2xproton Torps, engine, R2

Dutch went down early, but then a Plasma Torp, Vader and then a Cluster Missile will do that to a Y-wing!
Lando tried to run for a few turns, Redline got a cluster off at Lando but couldnt keep up with him as Lando ran off, but Vader dealing loads of crits again was enough to finish the Falcon.


So top for me fun event and everyone seemed to enjoy it, cant wait for the next one.
All players got 2 Recon Promos, and a prize of their choice, everyone seemed happy with what they got :)

Here are some random pictures from the evening.
X-wing MK report coming soon
B-wing looks in trouble!

Early turns

Target Locks everywhere

Imperial vs Imperial!