Tuesday, 21 July 2015

MK Summer Conquest Event!

So Yay for a Conquest event!

Currently I am loving 40k Conquest LCG, must be the game I want to play most currently!
So looking forward to this I was!!

I went with Kugath, I been going through trying Warlords out and trying to find one I really like! And for this event it was Kugaths turn!

So heres a quick report!

So I have already changed the deck, so I forgot to get a deck list for this blog! Whoops!


Game 1-
Orks With Guard

Bad match up for me, I can deal with most troops easily, but not high life troops... which Orks are full of.
He won 3 planets to my 1, and I couldnt do enough damage to his Ork swarm!
I did get his Warlord Bloodied and down to 1 more hp! So shame I didnt have anything to snipe him with left!
Lost by Planets

Planets 1-3
Icon 1-8

Game 2-
Dark Elder with Eldar

So Kugath become god in this game! I dominated Command and had full control of this game, the Dark Eldar didnt really stand up to my Chaos!
Won by Planets

Planets 3-0
Icons 6-0

Game 3-
Tau with Marines

A very close game... it came down to the last planet, in which he was able to kill of Kugath, I made a couple of small misplays which cost me the game, , even though I had won 4 out of the first 6 planets, if I got 1 attack in on the last planet I would of won.. or 2 more resource, but I didnt! So close!! What a amazing and close game.
Lose by Warlord kill

Planets 4-2
Icons 5-5

Game 4-
Elder with Dark Elder

Now after having a easy time for the first set of Eldar, I thought I should be okay this time to and well, he just couldnt seem to do anything about Kugaths tricks... I got the Banner first turn which was a great start..
And when his Warlord had 1 HP left, I warp stormed, he cancelled it, but I had a second one and used it again to blood his warlord! (I had so much resource this game)
I dominated command and combat, everything seemed to go so well this game!
Win by Planets

Planets 5-1
Icons 7-3

So a great day of Conquest and quite happy with 2-2 with a warlord I have never used before!

Even better to thing that my losses, were very close, and the Ork player I lost to in the first game, won the event!!

So Kugath is a Warlord I found I loved using! So I have taken a decision to stop going through the Warlords and work on Kugath a bit.
First time I would be doing this on a Warlord, but I found Kugath so fun to play and I think he suits my play style very well!

So prizes!
I finished 4th out of 8

So great day! Also a shout out to Matt who gave me his spare Ork Flash Kit Promos! He had 6 and 2 spare, very much appreciated!

So hope you enjoyed the quick blog post :)

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