Monday, 21 December 2015

X-wing, Lost Arc Game, 19/12/2015

So this will most likely be my last X-wing event of the year, worry not as I have two more planned in January!
So this event followed standard rules, 100 point dog fight etc.

11 players turned up meaning there would be a bye.
4 Rounds of Swiss.

So for this events run down, I will be covering my own games as well as my brothers, his was the first event he has attended and he has only played about 3 games before hand.
I wont talk much about his games, as I wouldnt of been able to see much.

My list-

Poe, VI, R2D2, Autothrusters
Han, Pred, C3P0, Gunner, Engine, Title

Standard list for cracking the aces meta, you have Han the Nutcracker and Poe who will be chasing Soontir and Phantoms.

My Brothers list-
Basic Firespray
Basic Hound Tooth

So one of each of the big ships, this was always going to only be a laugh for him, so he thought why not!

The players are off!

Round 1-

I played
Boba, Dampeners, Recon, VI, Engine
4x Black Sun headhunters

This game didnt start well for me, I messed up on my opening turns and got Poe trapped next to Han, I did drop a headhunter, but Poe was taken down in one round, which was unlucky considering he had focus token to!
Han played the clever game, hitting headhunters one by one, but struggling to do real damage, but over the turns he was able to drop the rest of them.
I was almost able to turn it around, but a direct hit stopped me being able to knock Boba down to half hp.
Small spoiler, this guy actually wins the event, so not to unhappy about this! Losing to the winner is not a bad way of losing.

Lose 52-100

Brother played
Tarn, R7
Jake, Vi, Autothrusters, Title, PTL, Proton
2x Green pilots, PTL, Refit, Title, Crack shot

PTL A-wings caused some real problems, and kept picking away at the Scum ships slowly but surely.

Lose 0-100
Han flying around the Scum!

Round 2-
I played
Bounty Hunter, APL
5x Obsidians

Great another firespray!
Once again Poe got in all sorts of trouble, but this time managed to either evade, dodge or get enough shields back to stay in the fight.
The other player committed all his Ties to chasing Poe, which worked in my favour in the end, as Han came in and started picking them off. The firespray went after Han and struggled to do any damage.

Win 100-0

Brother got the bye, so a 150 MOV Victory!

Poe finally turns the tides on the Ties.. which were chasing before this point!

Round 3-

I played
Whisper, VI, ACD, FCS
Soontir, PTL, Autothrusters
Shuttle, Palp

Well my list was designed to crack the Imperial Aces list, and it did, I rushed for the Shuttle and even though it was limping away, it could not get away from a chasing Han, it helped that Whisper went through 3 rocks this game, but my list can drop a Whisper and Soontir while arc dodging them.

Win 100-0

Brother played
Bounty Hunter, APL
5x Obsidians

So same guy I played in round 2, my brother needs to learn to target certain ships, he had near enough all the Ties down to 1 or 2 Hull.

Lose 0-100

Chase the Shuttle! 

Round 4-

I played
Echo, VI, ACD, Recon, Jammer
Jax, PTL, Autothrusters, Title, Ion Engine
Shuttle, Mara Jade, Intel Agent

Slightly different version, but same outcome, Echo died quickly, followed by the shuttle, Jax was causing some problems though, and Han just couldnt get the damage through. Poe made a lucky K-turn and finished about 1mm from Jax, this allowed Poe to shoot Jax into space rocks.

Win 100-0

Brother played
Farladner, wired, Plasma Torps
Poe, BB8
Horton, R5-X3, TLT

From what I saw of this game, it looked like the Rebel player wasnt able to put real damage on the large Scum ships, allowing the rebels to be picked off, one by one.

Win 100-0

Han trying to crack Jax, but keeps failing

Final places
I finished 2nd
Brother finished 6th

This event saw a lot of different builds, except maybe the two shuttle builds and my Han build, but its good to see a diverse meta.


Prizes for Second place!

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