Monday, 1 June 2015

X:Wing, UK Nationals event!

National time! Got to Birmingham, had drinks, bought stuff... but thats not what this post is about!

So as usual a run down, I played so many games over the days, and I may miss or get games mixed up!

So if you havnt seen my Road to Nationals blog you wont know what I am using!
So here it is!

My list-

Dash, PTL, Title, Mango Cannon, Engine, Nien Numb
Chewbacca, VI, C3P0

So a quick picture of the room we were playing in!
Taken at a random point of the day!

Everybody Gaming

Game 1
Soontir, Jax, Royal Guard all with PTL, title, Stealth, Autothrusters

Yep so a struggled this game, I kept him in arc, I even used Dash as a blocker, and taking shots in arc against Interceptors with no actions, and I still couldnt get a hit through, it came down in the end to him just chasing down my ships intill he could finish them, Soontir had 1 hull left and the other 2 ships were untouched.
Lose 0-100

Opening Engagement

Game 2
Whisper, Rebel Captive, Sensor Jammer, VI, ACD
Boba Fett, ion cannon, proton bombs, outmanoeuvre, tactician, engine

So Dash got down to 1 hull very quickly and Boba went down, but lucky for Dash, he couldnt line up his Whisper to take out Dash, meaning over a few turns my turrets picked shields off Whisper intill he was space dust.
Win 100-0

Boba is now dead this turn, Chewbacca finishes him
Game 3
Corran Horn, R2D2, FCS, Stealth
2x Green pilots, PTL, Proton Rockets, Stealth

So played this guy at Rugby a couple of weeks before and lost, but this game it helped that his dice were slightly below average which helped my case, took down all his ships with no loses, and was able to keep Corran out of the fight for quite a few turns early on, which helped me drop his A-wings
Win 100-0
Now before going on, a quick shout out to this guy for picking me up a copy of Imperial Assault on Sunday from the expo, as I didnt have time! Much appreciated!

Dash Arc dodging 
Game 4
Han, Lone wolf, C3P0, Luke, ,Title, Engine
Jake, VI, PTL, Proton Rockets, Autothrusters, Title

Now this game didnt take to long, he wiped me quite quickly, I had Han down to 1 Hull which was a bugger, but as normal you just cant make damage stick to Han, Jake was around, just pinging off shields and hull off my ships
Lose 0-100

Run Dash Run!
Game 5
Whisper, VI, Gunner, FCS, ACD
Oicunn, Experimental, Expose, Intel agent, Vader, Rebel Captive

So I focuses quickly on Oicunn, dealing lots of crits and quickly taking him out but, at this point Chewbacca only had 1 Hull left and was destroyed by Whisper.
Dash on Whisper I was quite confident with that, and as the other player found out, Dash is very fast, and in the end took down whisper, I really enjoyed this game vs a great friendly guy
Win 100-46

Dash is chasing you

Game 6
Kath, Dampeners, Pred, Recon
Guri, Pred, Autothrusters
Suhlak, Dampeners, Lone wolf

Guri died very quick as he was caught against Dash and Chewbacca, Suhlak did some heavy damage before going down and leaving Dash on 1 Hull, but Dash was well Dash, and he never let Kath have a shoot on him! So he lived!
Win 100-0

Final Rankings
 Now I finished 26th which I was very happy with, but if I took down the 1 hull soontir and the 1 hull Han, I would of make the top 16, but all in all I was very happy with 4-2 on the day!

Right there it is my quick run down of how I did at the Nationals!

Now Escalation report to follow!

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