Sunday, 28 June 2015

UK/IRL Official X-wing event

So here we are again! Another x-wing tournament, but going into this I had little motivation to actually pla, but after chatting to various people I planned to play and came up with this list.

Han, C3P0, Engine, Chewbacca
Corran Horn, Lone Wolf, FCS, R2D2

Han and Corran in a pre event meeting!

Everybody setting up.

Game 1-
Both have VI, HLC, Autothrusters, FCS, Dampeners, and 1 had a Seimic Charge

First thought was great IGS, and then I realised he didnt have predator or PTL, so I went straight in for B, as with out the gunner ability, his damage output dropped massively, with Corran limping around as always, but hanging on thanks to R2D2, in the last turn he did a unexpected S-loop, but this left him out of arc, and Han and Corran both in Range 1 of the last IG, finishing the game.

Win 100-0

Getting the IGs in arc was important!

Game 2-
Corran, PTL, FCS, Engine, R2D2
2 Talas
2 Bandits

Well Han took a battering early while his head-hunters survived everything, but all the pinging away soon counted as Headhunters started dropping 1 by 1, Han got down to 1 hull left, and with a bandit who was about to finish him, but Han and Corrran was able to finish the Bandit before it shot, after that Han put his foot down and ran, just as time called.
Wow that was a close game

Win 50-0

Early engagement
Game 3-
Leebo, Determination, HLC, Chewbacca, Title
Blue, Ion Cannon
Gold, Ion Turret, R2

So going into this game, Ion was going to hurt Corran but early exchanges saw some heavy damage on my ships, but his B-wing going down.
Corran ran off while he hammered Han, time Corran came back in, he was fully shielded again, but this didnt stop him getting ion next turn and blown up the turn after! At this point Han made a mad dash for the Y-wing taking it down and left Han and Leebo duelling, at this stage I was trying to engage at range 1 or not at all, and it was close, but Han had 4 hull left and Leebo had 5 Hull but also chewbacca was unused, so if this game came down to another 20mins, leebo would of most likely got Han, unless I could keep him in range 1, but as it was time was called.

Win 49-43

Corran got the B-wing in his sights!
Game 4-
Xizor, VI, Title, FCS, Autothrusters, Dampeners
Suhlak, Lone Wolf, Shield, Dampeners
3 Binyres

So errr where to start, interesting game...
Early on he forget to set Suhlaks dial, so he did a hard 3 into his formation, so basically he couldnt use Lone wolf, but somehow he survived being blasted, but went down the turn after...
The rest went after Corran.. and errr well Corran just refused to die... at all, but at this stage he had been fully committed to taking out Corran and kept taking off a shield, I would re gen, he would take off a shield, but this gave Han fall power on the field to hunt ships and he did. in the end as the headhunters died, fire power on his side got weaker meaning he struggled to keep hitting Corran, and he couldnt get him.
Interesting thought that Corran had only took 1 Hull damage by the end and had regained all of his shields and Han had only took 1 shield damage, but that wasnt a true reflection, as Corran should of gone down early, but well yer... how did I win that 100-0? It really didnt feel like a 100-0... I felt quite bad :(

Wow really bad photo!! You can just See Corran running from his Scum pack!
Game 5-
VS Lee!!
Dash, PTL, Title, Engine, Mango
2 Blues with FCS

Now final table, and winner well wins! But up against a team mate of mine and fellow co-host of Cloud City Radio!
(Which can be found here:

Now Dash and 2 Blues, is a list I played against heavily in the build up to the Nationals, and I constantly beat it. the player I been practising against got top 8 at the Nationals so he knew how to fly it.
But my team mate also learnt how to fly it well! Going to be a close game!
And it was, he got the upper Hand early, with him getting Corran down to 1 Hull.. and then Corran runs to regen, he kept chasing but he split up his B-wings, Dash and 1 B after Corran, while the other B goes after Han
So Han takes the lonely B-wing before joining back in and chasing Dash, at this point Corrran had also K-turned and shot down his other B-wing! Wow, I started badly but it soon changed.
Now at this stage we had

A fully powered Dash
Han who had no shields and a almost dead Corran!

So I got a bit lucky and got everything into Range 1 of Dash, leaving him on 2 hull (Corran double tapped) I believe, but Corran got hit back, and lost both shields and losing his last hull and going dowm. but next turn Han was able to finish Dash.

Win 100-43

Opening turns
So 4 full wins and 1 modified, so a good result and a strong showing by the Misfit team in general!

Kyle finished 3-2 I believe
Lee finished 4-1, placed 5th
Me finished 5-0, placed 1st

Woo good loot! 
Me, after a long hot day!

Shiny Trophy!