Sunday, 28 June 2015

Vassal X-wing league, Season 1

So here is a run down of the games I played

I am in Division 3 which was randomly assigned as its the first season :)

Games may not be in order :)

Game 1
My list,
Cracken, VI
Blue, HLC x2


Very close game, which I got outplayed for most of it, but I was able to get myself back into it.
Win 100-51

Game 2
My list
Soontir, PTL, Royal Guard, Stealth, Autothrusters
5x Obsidians


Very close again, this time losing 78-100, we both agreed after 2 and a half hours, this was one of the most fun and exciting games we have ever played, it was a nail bitter right intill tthe end!
Lose 78-100

Game 3
My list
WSF, Mango Cannon
3x Blue Pilots

2 Binayre pilots

Bad start for him saw Emon on a rock, and taking 6 damage, from there Emon died next turn and then a Binayre and Mux saw a firing squad. Great guy to play though, and a interesting fun squad he was using, shame he didnt clear that first rock, as it could of been such a good game if he did.
That rock cost him the game I reckon, no shot and no mine to drop that turn.
Win 100-0

Game 4
My list
2x Dagger
2x Tala


Started quite well, doing 7 damage to one IG, but after that I couldnt hit a barn door (dam vassal dice and unreal green dice on his part) he killed his own IG on a rock and the other IG just cleaned up from there
Lose 50-100

Game 5
My list
Chewbacca, VI, C3P0
Dash, PTL, Mango, Nien Numb, Title, Engine

2 Blues

Now the guy I was playing for this final match is a really good Vassal player and he is very skillful with his Dash and 2 Blue list, which he has been running for a while I believe.
So my goal was to make him split his fire and it worked well, getting Dash down to 3 hull, he was then to far out for a few turns, I got to work killing a blue, and as Dash turned back in, my dash was able to do a boost and barrel roll back into Range 1, he conceded at this point, as in total I had only took 5 damage between both of my ships. I will point out though, I had some very good green dice, and my Dash should of been at least 3-4 life less, if not gone completely.
Win 100-0

So thats my final Vassal league game!
Lets see where I finished!

Finished 3rd! With the guy I beat in round 5 winning the group!
With drop outs, 3rd is enough to get me into division 3 :)

So working my way up :)