Thursday, 4 June 2015

UK Escalation

So here is the 3rd part of my weekend at the UKGE
So after failing to make the cut I played in a Escalation style event.
2 games at 60pts, 2 at 90pts, and 2 at 120 pts.

My list-

Blue x2

Bandits x2
Blue x3

120 pts
Bandits x2
Blue x3
Wes, VI

So sorry for writing this up late!
Lets see what I can remember

Game 1, 60 pts
Wedge, R2-T1, VI
Gold, Bomb loadout, Seimic, Ion turret, R3-A2

Good game, first exchange happened at range 3 which was where I wanted it, next one range 1, meaning at this point his Y-wing limps off heavy damaged, and I send a Bandit to follow it, while one of my Blues goes down, my other blue chases after Wedge
Once the Y-wing goes down, my bandit joins in hunting Wedge, and against two ships Wedge struggled
Win 60-22

Different but very cool paint scheme

Engagement at range 3

Game 2, 60 pt, aka battle of the Admins
Xizor, adv sensors, VI, title
2 Binyres

Now it was to be the battle of two admins of the UK/IRL x-wing facebook page, and so off we went!
I went straight after xizor, but he took a lot before he went down, I also lost a blue quite quickly around the same time, now this is were it got close, both of my ships I believe only had 1 hull left, and so did both of his I believe (Trying to remember everything)
But it turned out both of mine survived just! So a nail biting final couple of rounds!
Win 60-22

Trying to hunt Xizor
Game 3, 90pts
Echo, Vi, ACD, Recon
Soontir, PTL, Stealth, Title, Autothrusters
Academy pilot

Now I dont remember much from this game, maybe because not much happened, his Academy stayed out the fight, and soontir and echo took a few hits, but I could never keep them in my sights, but also my ships didnt take much damage either! But he did 1 shot a bandit with echo, and took the other bandit down to
Lose 0-24

Echo and Soontir slowly fly towards my formation
Game 4, 90pts
Farlander, Adv sensors, Stay on Target, E2, C3P0
2x Daggers, FCS

Now he flew near enough at my formation, dealing 2 damage to me, but losing 7 damage on one of his B-wings, that B-wing went down next turn, the game continued in that way, but he did manage to take down 1 of my B-wings by the end of the game.
Win 90-22

Game 5, 120pts
Soontir, Title, PTL, Targeting Computer, Autothrusters
2x Royal Guard, Title, PTL, Targeting Computer, Autothrusters
1 x Royal Guard, PTL, Autothrusters

Now at this point and after 3 days of gaming, I was starting to get tired, but the game started well, when Soontir found himself in arc of all my ships!
Wes shot, he used a focus and a evade to take no damage, but then Wes stripped his over focus, and then my mini swarm took him apart, the game continued, with next turn me dropping another Interceptor, to keep up a tradition it seemed, I lose a blue pilot, but other then that, very little damage else where, Wes and his token stripping abilities was massive.
Win -120-22

Interceptors running out of running room!
 Game 6, 120 pts
Corran Horn, PTL, Adv Sensors, R2D2
3 Prototypes, Refits
1 Farrell, PTL, Proton Rockets

We found ourselves on the top table.
Now I dont remember much from this game except, Wes went down quickly and I went A-wing hunting, and then it was a long game of Corran picking off ships 1 by 1 as I couldnt deal enough damage to him or the A-wing which ran away.
Lose 60-120

Shoot the A-wings!

So 4-2 again, I was quite pleased with that, specially as I havnt had much practice with rebel swarms, but it was different and fun to play, and I am looking into flying something like that again!
I finished 6th, dam you MOV and the guy I lose to in game 6 won the event.
But a good day of X-wing and its interesting to see what different ideas come out in games of Escalation.