Saturday, 26 March 2016

40k Conquest St Neots Event 26/03/16

Hello again!

So this time it's back to our monthly 40K conquest event!

Last time we all drew factions out of a hat, and I was given Eldar, so I took Starbane. So how did it go!

So once again 6 players, all using different factions, so 3 rounds it was, no prizes so just for fun, and as normal here is my quick run down!

Off We Go!

Game 1

So up against Zarathar with Ork support!

I was able to control a lot of the command in this game, this dominance allowed me to control the board, but as always Chaos have many tricks at it was a very close run game.
I won 3-2 on planets in the end, but it could of swung either way.

Win via Planets

Game 2

This time I was up against Sicarius with Guard support.

Now I was a bit worried this game, he has a lot of high HQ units that my squishy Eldar could struggle against! But alias it didnt happen.
I found myself dominating command again, I either had 4 or all 5 planets under my control, this game was quick and brutal, I took the first 3 planets, and even with him dropping more expensive units, my cheaper little guys, were able to ping another damage to take them down! So 3 planets to 0 for me.

Win via Planets

Game 3

So up against Nids this time, Old One Eye with the Stalking Lictor.

Now last event it was us two on the final table, and history repeated itself here!

Now this game started with me once again going for command domination, but with that Lictor around it was harder for me to control as many planets, instead for most of this game command was very equal. The difference? I was popping out a lot of cheaper 1 or 2 drops, while he was struggling to get much of a decent board presence, he did manage to take a planet but I was able to take the 3 I needed. As most of his draws were not good enough units or not units at all, after the first 2 turns, command turned mine very quickly, I was able to get at least 2 hammers on near enough every planet, and the Stalking Lictor found himself very useless quickly.

Win via Planets

So a local 1st place for me! As always it's a great bunch of casual players and it was a very enjoyable evening! And we are continuing to keep this up once a month, which is great!

Once again we did the random draw... this time I got Nids! So Nids next time!