Wednesday, 23 March 2016

X-wing Store Championship Northampton 20/03/16

Off to Northampton I went, I had my scum list all packed in till 5 minutes before I left... I changed to the Ghost, as I wanted to give it a try!

So my List for the Northampton Store Championships was

Hera, TLT, Nien, Intel, FCS
2x PS2 T-70s, R2, Integrated

So 14 players turned up for the day meaning 4 Swiss rounds!

Game 1
Han, Marksmenship, C3P0, Gunner, Title
2 x Rookies

Early game see's Hera bring up the left side and the T-70s head straight into the center, he turns all his ships in, but quickly has to turn Han away before he hits a rock, meaning the two rookies faced my entire force on their own! This saw one go down straight away, and another the turn after! This left Hera in a bad position and one T-70 damaged.

So as my ships turn around to hunt Han, a T70 goes down but not till a good few turns of shooting left Han heavily damaged, and it wasn't long till Han finally went down.

Win 100-25

The Turn Han goes down.

Game 2
3 x Contracted Scouts, Deadeye, R4, Plasma Torps, Extra Munitions, Guidance Chips.

The new dreaded wave 8 list!
I had one goal this game, and that was to sit in range 1!
Very quickly I was able to do that, dropping a Scout in the second shooting phase helped as well, I kept my ships at range 1 or out of his Arc the best I could, he did manage to get two torps off, and drop half the Ghost but was never able to actually drop a ship. One T-70 was on 1 hull left though!

Win 100-25

Pile up! There was a 3rd scout a second ago.
Game 3
Blue Bwing, FCS
Cracken, Swarm
Garvin, VI, R2D6
Dutch, Title, Targeting Astro, Autoblaster turret

This list can put out some accurate firepower which was scary for the Ghost, early turns saw the Bwing go down as well as a T70, and the other T70 going down quite quick, a few turns later Cracken went down. At this stage the Ghost was untouched, but he could destroy me quickly, but Dutch and Garvin got separated, letting me drop Garvin, before turning around and going for Dutch, he did get th Ghost down to below half, this was a close game, at one stage I thought it was game over, when it was just the Ghost vs three of his ships!

Win 100-75

Its all about to kick off!
Game 4 (Final)
IGA, Crack shot, FCS, Glitterstims, Title, Tractor Beam, HLC, Autothrusters
IGB, Crack shot, FCS, Glitterstims, Title, Tractor Beam, Mango, Autothrusters

So the final game! Up against fellow Cloud City Host Lee, this game started quite well for me, I was able to strip a IGs shields and then finish it off for a swap of a T70, he was able to whittle my Ghost down to half live, but the Ghosts firepower proved to much for the other IG and it went down. The game was played very much on my board edge with a lot of blocking and shots being denied to each other, as we both wanted the perfect shot! This make for a interesting Mosh pit!

Win 100-50

Early turns, IG finds itself in range 1, but only takes 1 point of damage.

So my first ever store championship win! The ghost is actually quite demanding to fly right, and in a couple of games I think I flew it quite well, and didn't make any mistakes with it, I think it may struggle vs aces, but I am yet to play it vs Aces, so we will see!

Store Plaque