Monday, 4 January 2016

Shadow Games, Rugby 2/1/16, Kyle

Shadow Games, Rugby 2/1/16

Hey all happy new year, this Is my first time doing this so please be nice. So on Saturday the 2nd of Jan I attended my first tournament of the year, It was held at shadow Games In Rugby.
For the event there was 11 of us In total which meant there would be no top 4 cut and only 4 rounds of Swiss, this also meant that one person would be on a bye each round.

So for the first one of the year what do I take to kick the year off with, a Tie Swarm with 6 ships here is what was in it.

100 Points Imps
19 points
• “Howlrunner” TIE Fighter
Veteran instincts
22 points
• “Omega Leader” TiE/fo Fighter
Veteran instincts
14 points
Black Squadron Pilot #1 TiE Fighter
14 points
Black Squadron Pilot #2 TiE Fighter
17 points
• “Epsilon Ace” TiE/fo Fighter
14 points
• “Wampa” TiE Fighter

So the list has some new stuff and old stuff as some of it was xmas presents and I wanted to give it a shot, so I came up with a high PS list. This was so that it could deal with other high PS lists and also TLT lists if they were any about, which there was one or 2 but also there was no 2 lists the same at the event.
Speaking of which lets get on to the first round, this saw me play Ian Russel who Is a regular at the Milton Keynes store, we have played one or two time I think, here is what I was up against.

Game 1 Ian Russel Imps

100 Points
32 points
• Darth Vader TiE Advanced
Accuracy Corrector
35 points
• Soontir Fel TiE interceptor
Royal Guard TiE
Push the Limit
Stealth Device
33 points
Bounty Hunter Firespray-31

So at the start of the game I thought great I am playing my old list, till I saw there was no palp mobile but a bounty hunter instead. The game started off well as I was able to get Vader down to one hull with the help of wampa. But after that it went down hill fast, because of the ruthlessness on Vader, Ian was able to hurt the other ships in my list. This was not helped that I was not able to roll green dice to save my life, also because Vader has accuracy Corrector there was always 2 hit even with a bad roll. because of this and some really good green dice from Ian and me from time to time this game ended in a loss

loss 100 - 0 not even half points for large ship

great game and a great opponent, just wish i had of had better dice but don't we all.

Game 2 Bye

For the next game I got the bye, so I thought I would have a look at some of the other lists that were about and also how ever one was getting on.

So the first list that I saw right off the back because you cant miss them, was the 3 k Wings, yes the same as the one that made top 8 In the worlds. I saw them flown live on the net but to see them flown In real life. A few of the other lists that I got to see where 2 B wings with 2 A wings with Tycho in one them, a falcon with Chewie escorted by Biggs and tarn and palp mobile with 2 Interceptors

After lunch It was time for game 3.
Game 3 a different Ian with Scum.

100 Points
36 points
• Guri StarViper
Veteran Instincts
Sensor Jammer
Inertial Dampeners
20 points
Cartel Marauder #1 Kihraxz Fighter
20 points
Cartel Marauder #2 Kihraxz Fighter
24 points
Syndicate Thug Y-Wing
Ion Cannon Turret
Unhinged Astromech

I set up as I normally do with my swarm as a group. Again I was not rolling well but 2 attacks against Guri were not enough as If I got one hit It would be changed to because of the sensor jammer, so I thought I would go after the other ships and win that way. This did not work as even thought the kihraxz fighters only have 2 defence dice with just 2 attacks, Its still not easy to take them out. I was only able to take out one ship from the list which gave me the second loss of the day.

loss 40-86

So now its time for the last game of the day which buy this point we were all feeling tired, me included as I had been up since 6am to get here. My opponent was Stephen Nolan who was a great laugh all the way through, It was just so much fun and also it was my second scum list with 2 large ships.

Game 4 Stephen Nolan with Scum

98 Points
53 points
• Boba Fett Fire spray-31
Push the Limit
Flechette Cannon
Recon Specialist
Engine Upgrade
45 points
• Bossk YV-666
“Mangler” Cannon
Engine Upgrade

All though this was a fun game it was a hard one as well, not much happened in the first few turns then Boba was all the way on my side of the table. However Bossk was far behind so I only had one ship to deal with, lucky for me Stephen had put Boba on a rock and at range 1 of all my guys. We both looked at each other and went yep he is gone no way he can survive this, how wrong we were all of the attack I got only rolled 2 hits even with he re roll from Howlrunner also he had used glitterstims as well. This meant that he had re rolls because of Boba ability and with me rolling nothing but 2 hits each time he lived, we were both surprised and because of that Boba lived and ran away. Buy that time Bossk had put him self in he way so I went after him instead because even with the way I was rolling I could do damage, so he went down but not before I lost my PS12 tie which was a shame as I really like him. After he went down I was able to focus fire on Boba and finally had some good rolls, and was able to come away with my first win.

Win 100 to 83

All In all It was a great day, the list that had won was a rebel Chewie with Biggs and Tarn, and the k wings came In second. I think that the first time in a long time this was one of the most diverse tournaments that I had ever been to, as there wasnt two lists alike.

Thanks for reading guys it has been fun doing this, the next event for me will be on Sunday the 10th of Jan but this time I will be taking something new. Ill let you all know how It goes In my next one, but for now may the force be with you all .