Wednesday, 20 January 2016

X-wing MK 16/01/16

So my turn to right a blog! I havnt done one in a while so this feels weird! 
Only a brief one, as we had Anthony's Guest article covering the same event!

So I roll up to MK with a bit of a different list., 30 players turned up for this event.
Instead of Rebels I took a random Scum build, the idea was my last laid back tournament before the Store Championships. I went in with the goal of winning 1 or 2 and having a nice relaxing day!
So my list-

NDru, Cluster Missile, Hull, Lone Wolf, Glitterstims
2x Black Sun Ace, Crack Shot
2x Binayre Pirates

So basic idea Ndru is on his own as a massive alpha strike or to hit a single ship, while the other 4 fly in a tight formation and try to drop a ship early.
If this all works I should be able to mop up!

Game 1-
3 Y-wings, TLT, Unhinged
Mux, TLT

So 4 Tlts, dam I thought what a hard game to start with.
I got lucky early on though as a range 3 exchange between a headhunter and 1 y-wing (both doing 1 shield to each other) Next turn my Black Suns wer able to deal 7 hits to the Y-wing, and crack shot made sure it stayed dead!
After that there was a lot of chasing and jousting intill slowly another Y-wing went down aswell as Mux, but I did lose both of my kihraxz and a headhunter. Time was called and it is only just a full win.
Win 75-60

There was a Y-wing infront of my kihraxz

Game 2-
Poe, VI, Autothrusters, R5-P9
2 Blues, FCS
Prototype, refit

So I had to munch through a lot of hull, and I didnt... it took me a lot longer then I wanted to drop Poe (Dam failed Cluster missiles) but he did full in the end as well as the A-wing, but time this had happened I had took way to much damage.
I did have a headhunter who was determined not to die, but in the end (after a lot of turns) he finally went down.
Lose 52-100

Game 3-
Guri, Pred, Autothruster, title, sensor jammer
Palob, title, pred, tlt
2x PS 3 Headhunters

So  a slow start with not much damage going on, intill Ndru got to the other side of his ships and unleashed the cluster missiles! First game these had a affect, they dropped Palob in one go!
After that I went in on his headhunters, while losing a headhunter myself.
Final turn of this game Guri was able to finish of Ndru, but a kihraxz fighter was able to finish the job
Win 100-40

Game 4-
4 Kihraxz

So what a game this turned out to be! One moment I felt if I had the edge and the next he had it! IT was such a close game going down right to the wire.
Most of this game was a bit joust, but it finished off with one of his kihraxz with 4 Hull left vs one of mine with all hull and a shield and a 2 hull Ndru...
So the 2 kihraxz were caught in a duel with Ndru turned around, his kihraxz was down to 1 hull vs mine at 1 hull!
So I shoot... 3 blanks... he shoots 1 hit and I roll 2 blank greens! BOOM my kihraxz is gone!
Lucky for me (very lucky) Ndru came in and rolled 3 hits at range 2 (he had lone wolf/focus) to finish this game!
But wow what a game, one of the closest games I have ever played.
Win 100-72
Early turns, we are in for a joust!

Game 5-
Gold, TLT
Doni, TLT, C3P0
Poe, VI, R2D2, Autothrusters

So after winning 3 games I was pretty happy!
So up against a youngster who I have never beat but we have always had good close games and always are enjoyable!

Started with both of our fleets getting split up! No idea why not a good idea!
But Ndru, a kihraxz and a headhunter vs Poe while everyone else was at the other side of the board shooting each other!

Poe lost the fight dealing very little damage out, but time I got muy ships to point at Doni, Doni had taken down a kihraxz and had heavily damaged a headhunter.. but was down to hull herself (Kept regening though)

So a duel happens! Doni finally goes down but all my ships go down to, except Ndru!
The Y-wing has took a few points of damage and is on 3 hull, but I decide to run, as NDru is only on 2 hull!
So for the next 10 mins I was running around the board, and then last turn was called!
And he K-turned his Y-wing and I turned at him with Ndru...
Ndru is down to 1 hull at this point!
Its coming down to dice...
Ndru rolls.......... 4 hits! He does it and downs the Y-wing!
Wow what a close game again!
Another game I really enjoyed and this game and game 4 were two of the best games I have played in a while!

Early turns!
So 4-1, I cant believe I have won 4 games, but it has happened and was a good enjoyable day!
Now you know who won (If you read the guest article by Anthony) but I was pleased to go 4-1.
So this got me a 3rd place finish! Very pleased with this!

Prizes, bronze medal, gunner card and a notebook which I choose.

Till next time :)