Sunday, 17 May 2015

X:wing Rugby Spring Event

So a nice sunny drive saw me play in a event in Rugby, I took my list I am currently practicing
IGD, Pred, HLC, Adv sensors, Dampeners, Autothrusters
4 x Binyre Pirates

Up for prizes was a Spring Kit, table top Han Solo cards, and some vouchers to spend in store!
So lots of goodies to play for!

Game 1
Corran Horn
2 A-wings

I forgot to write down upgrades but this game was unreal, he murdered my IG and took out 3 headhunters while the other ran away for a while, after the early exchanges shooting my IG, he never rolled a blank... and my evade dice.... well never rolled anything but blanks!
So a dead IG very quickly, I was able to take a A-wing out, but that was about it,
Not a good start
Lose 28-88

Game 2
4 Ties
Darth Vader

Well early exchange saw two of his Ties blown up without me taking a single damage, and the game continued from there, he kept taking all his shots vs the IG and only did 2 damage to him all game
Win 100-0

Hunting Ties

Game 3
2 Blue squadrons

This was the only Turret at the event, and a list that I believed I could deal with quite well, and I did, both B-wings had died to a lose of two of my headhunters, now because MOV was going to be important, I flew the other 2 headhunters off, and let the IG chase Lando for the rest of the game! And thats what he did!
Win 100-24
Early exchanges 

So I finished 3rd, not bad, and got some nice goodies, and a voucher, here is what I left Rugby with, I bought the Gladiator myself as it looks cool, but I am yet to play a game of Amanda yet lol

Till next time :)