Saturday, 9 May 2015

X:wing a few casual games

So with Nationals around the corner, me and a friend met up to get some practice in, all games were timed to a hour (when we remembered)
This is a very quick run down!
My goal today was to use the Aggressor, may be a couple of mistakes in lists, but think I got them all.
After every game I made changes to try and make the lists better, these will discussed in a future article, but I will write up all the lists so changes can be seen.

Game 1
My list
IGA, Lone Wolf, Adv sensors, autothrusters, title, HLC, Dampeners
IGB, PTL, Adv sensors, autothrusters, title, Mango


3 Binyre
2 Cartel Spacers
2 Syndicate Thug

Basically with lots of blocking it was a long game, which went to time, he struggle to get shots, and I struggled to shot anything
Lose 44-51

Here come the swarm!!

Game 2
My list
IGB, Predator, adv sensors, autothrusters, title, Mango
IGD, Predator Adv sensors, autothrusters, title, HLC, Dampeners


4 Binyre Pirates with Feedback!

To sum this game up, I flew a fully healthed IG off the table with a silly move, so this game was quick
Lose 28-100

Game 3
No Changes by me


Shuttle, Fleet officer
Soontir, ptl, autothrusters
Rexlar HLC

Well I took down the shuttle and Rexlar but Soontir never took a shot all game, and was able to finish my aggressors
Lose 68-100

Game 4
My list
IGD Pred, Adv sensors, HLC, Autothrusters, Dampeners
4 xBinyre Pirates

Duel IG

A good game, but my HLC let me murder through his Aggressors, and the head-hunters did some nice blocking to
Win 100-24

Game 5
My List stays the same

2 Mango Scyks
3 Thugs with Autoblaster

A quite simple game in the end, using my headhunters as blockers and to cause problems and the HLC just picking off ships quickly
Win 100-0

Finishing up
Game 6
My list doesnt change


Soonit, Jax and a Royal Guard
All with PTL, Stealth, Autothrusters, title

This list won the MK regional and was going to be hard for my list, but with some good blocking and some nice HLC shots the Interceptors soon died.
Win 100-12

So as I said quick run down of today's games :)

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