Wednesday, 29 April 2015

X-wing Scum Practice

So having not had much real flying experience with Scum I met up with a good friend to try some Scum out.
While I am thinking of Regional lists, the main thing here is to, have fun and fly different ships, while also learning how to fly and beat them.

Game 1
My List

Palob, Blaster, Title
Cartel, Mango x3


2 StarVipers

So this game was a great laugh, IG landing on rocks in front of my entire formation hurt, he did survive but not for long after, and Palob just nicking all the focus tokens which caused all sorts of hassle. Good game
Win 100-40
Learnt, Palob is nasty and forces the other player to use Target locks etc instead, but Mango Cannons are nasty against ships such as Starvipers that dont have many shields.

Game 2
My list
IGC, PTL, Adv Sensors, Autothrusters, Hot shot
Kath, Predator, Engine, K4 Security Droid

Blue Pilot x2

So this game turned quick. My main targets were the B-wings after that I had to try and keep IGC behind the Hwks, which went quite well, but the IG was only on 1 Hull left, and Kath spent way to many turns away from the fight
Win 100-0
 Learnt, Got to keep Kath nearer fight, rear arc is great, but running away and using it isn't always the best option
Game 2, Kath swinging around for more action

Game 3
My List
Kath, Preadtor, Engine, Recon
Emon, Preadtor, Recon, Title, 3x Mines

2 Star vipers

So you always learn more losing then winning, and this was the case, I was so determined to use bombs, that I set myself up for a lose, I used one mine in the end and only because I wanted to (we knew it wasn't going to hit anything) use it before I blew up.
Lose 0-100
Learnt, fly normally and only use bombs if needed, I dont think Emon is a pilot that suits my play style
Game 3, Starvipers hurting Kath

Game 4
My list
Kath and 4 Binaryre
I forgot to write down upgrades

2x Starvipers

A quickish game, saw my headhunters put damage on the IG with Kath, leaving it on just 2 Hull early, after that, the IG fell and the starvipers soon after
Win 100-12
Learnt, I didnt learn much this game, as I thought I flew really well, but in case of his IG is dont get it stuck near a swarm of any kind.

Overall a good day learning about Scum and we had a long chat after about possible Scum lists for the future.


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