Saturday, 18 April 2015

St Neots Casual Conquest event

So 4 of us played, in a causal event, no prizes, just a chance for us to meet up and play!

Me- Tau, Aunshi
Colin- Orks, Zogwort
Matt-Eldar, Eldorath
Darren- Imperial guard, Stracken

Game 1
vs Matt
Planets 1-4
Lost via planets
A quite quick game, even if we were on the 5th planet, Matt dominated and I couldnt do much about it, I should of tried to blood his Warlord quicker.

Other Game
Colin vs Darren-   Darren win

Game 2
vs Colin
Planets 4-2
Win via planets
A good close game, that went to the 6th planet, it was close all the way though, I blooded Zogwort quite early which was a really good move, as I was able to out number his Orks in most of the fights.

Other Game
Darren vs Matt-    Darren win

Game 3
vs Darren
Planets 3-2
Win via Warlord kill
Killed Stracken on the 5th planet, by now I have learnt that Aunshi wants to be played quite aggressive to hurt the other player

Other game
Colin vs Matt-   Matt wins

Final scores
Matt-2 wins
Darren-2 wins
Me-2 wins
Colin-0 wins

So no outright winner, but fun was had!!

Lessons learnt-
So I learnt that Aunshi needs cards that help him get back into the fight and wants to flood planets with lots of low costing units, lots of deck changing is needed for next time!