Tuesday, 14 April 2015

X-wing official UK event

So on Saturday it was the first Official UK X-wing event which was run by the owner of the largest UK X-wing facebook page.
28 players lined up and off we went!
I brought a list, I am thinking of using at the regionals
Han, VI, C3PO, R2D2, Title
Blue x2

Ships getting destroyed!

Round 1-

To sum up this game, Lando didnt have fun, he went down and couldnt hit or evade to save his live.
Dash had a good go, but in the end, Han and a remaining B-wing took him down

Win 100-22

Chase Dash!

 Round 2
Duel Aggressors B and C

He made the mistake of going after the B-wings first, and time he took one out, he was heavily damaged, Han easily mopping up again.

Win 100-22
Here comes Han!

Round 3-

A very close game, both B-wings went down early, and so Han had a lot of work to do, but in the end Han was able to arc dodge enough and deal enough damage to take out all the other ships

Win 100-44

Run Han!
 Round 4
Bandits x2

Started quite well for me, taking Biggs and a Bandit out for the cost of a Blue, but from there no mater how much firepower I put into Corran he would evade it all, some good green dice by Corran and in the end he hunted down Han for the win

Lose 42-100
First Contact
 Game 5

Funny old game, I should of lost, but I won 100-0? work that out, Han was down to 1 Hull for 4-5 turns, but Whisper and Soontir couldnt get a shot onto him, meaning Han and the B-wings were able to take them down, Han couldnt believe how lucky he was!

Win 100-0

So a final score of 4-1 not bad, and a overall finish of second place :)

Prizes for me :) A small ship, PTL alt art, Rulers and a Medal :)

Right a conquest report to come soon :)