Sunday, 2 February 2014

X-wing miniature game, templates from cogotwo

 So here are a load of random picturess, I bought the templates from cogotwo (linky).
They also make templates and tokens for Star Trek Attack wing, and this game, X-wing. But yer I bought some templates as I wanted stronger templates and here they are!

OOO new templates
The colour I choose to paint them

Painting them, the gaps in the tape allow for easy painting(sometimes you have to scrap a bit of paint off tho, as the tape isn't always perfect)

All finished

A close up on one of the templates

 So I am quite pleased for they turned out, I wouldnt get any tokens etc, but that is because I have a silly amount of them anyway, so if any break etc I can just bin it and use new ones, but the templates are well worth the cost :)