Monday, 28 November 2011

Necron Warriors Vs Space Marines

Better then a space marine? I don't know but maybe!

They have a solid baseline except they are I2 and 4+ save, so already worth 13 points instead of 16?

They gun is better..
Yes it has the same strength ap and stuff as a bolt gun but it has gauss with is awesome against armour, with the glancing rule!
And now I believe they are worth their points...
BUT!! You can have squads of 20? awesome if you want a mob!

But what they have which Marines don't is the reanimation! I know its only on a 5+ but I bet Marines wish they had it, 1 in every 3 warriors standing back up? Awesome

I believe that warriors are better then the average space marine, even though a marine will win in combat, a Necron is better overall for its points cost!!

So more warriors for me!