Friday, 11 November 2011

First Game with Necrons!

Against space marines!

Well it was a draw- he had 1 man on a objective which drew him the game, this one man took hits from a monolith and immortals 2 turns running!

But yer, so Necrons..

Good things-
Reanimation was annoying for other player
Tesla guns can cause so many wounds
Immortals are a good troop choice
Mindshakle scarabs are awesome

Monolith did bugger all, just moved forward every turn and nothing got within 12 of it, it just kept blasting everything
My overlord couldnt hit a brick wall, in total 9 attacks over 3 turns and only 1 hit, But that is just my dice rolling lol
Destroyer lord did naf all

Destroyers didn't really do much, except be annoying, 200 points for 5 is a bit hefty
Heavy Destroyers didn't do much either, but are a main type of anti tank.

So lack of anti tank hurt me, I am going to use a doomsday barge (or 2) next week, and try some other options, but I still feel we dont handle tanks overally well, and yer close combat is even worse for us now our lords are I2, but whip coils on wraiths is very handy!