Friday, 18 November 2011

Necron Practice Game 2

Well so up against chaos this, he had a mix of nurgle and khorne and all mechanized! well it was a nice little win, (I lost 3 Pratorions and all 10 scarabs) and he lost almost everything!

Hmm right I did change list and tried out Imotekh (and he was useless like I thought)

3 Annihilation barges killed most things including armour from side of rear, this things are awesome at 90 points
Cryteks with eldritch lance were awesome,l with there range shoot
2x5 scarabs, they destroyed a vindicator, knocked a land raider down to 12 armour (which a tesla then destroyed, and then just tired up marines, so overall these guys easily made their points back, just awesome might field 20 next week!
Pretorions, well not worth 200 points, but they held well in a close combat, but only having 1 attack slowed them down, but they did their job I guess, I like them!

Imotekh was useless, never killed anything by hand or lightning and night fighting only hindered me, only use I see for this guy is against Guard or Tau, but I am looking for a all comers list, so nope not good enough and defo not worth his points!

About it
I also had 40 warriors and 10 immortals in my list running around shooting stuff, and had 3 H.destroyers which blow up a vindicator except from that nothing else, but they are still a good method of anti tank!

So overall easy win, and a few changes to the list for next week!