Sunday, 5 January 2014

X-wing report.... we killed vader!

So I tried out a list yesterday it was something like this-

1 Shuttle, advanced sensors, Vader, Engine upgrade, Gunner
5 Ties

I played against

2 red pilots, 1 had R2-D2 and a shield upgrade!

So the game started with my flying two formations, a unit of 2 ties and the shuttle and a unit of 3 ties, while he flow the falcon one side of the map and the two x-wings the other.

First turn, the shooting was the 2-xwings at 1 tie, at range 3 killing it off, and chewbacca missing the shuttle at range 3, and the shuttle knocking off 2 shields of the x-wing and then using vader to give it a crit, which was direct hit! not bad

Then everything went wrong, he one shot two ties, one with each x-wing, and then the falcon put 4 damage on the shuttle (everything turned up really close to each other)
My turn involved taking most of the shields of the falcon.. I couldn't get a shot on the dying x-wing

Then it got worse, the other two ties were shot out by the x-wings, and so my shuttle shot the only thing it could.. the R2-D2 x-wing.. at range 1 , and done 4 damage! 3 shields and 1 hull gone, I risked another vader crit, and it was engine damage.. dam a direct hit would of been nice!

The next turn was bit slow, shuttle and the two x-wings couldn't shoot, and the falcon shot at range 3 doing nothing...

And then it was over, the shuttle using advanced sensors, engine upgrade etc, turned as much as it could around, but 2 x-wings and a falcon who all shoot first, all had shoots, so the falcon at range 3 missed (again) but the x-wings were able to finish the shuttle off

So a lose for me, and I am still no closer to choosing a list to take to MK with me, I have been trying to fly Imperials, but I might just go back to rebels (I seem to do better)

My next list I want to try is-

3 x rookie Pilots
1 Wedge, R2-D2+Shield upgrade
That is 100 on the dot, and I do like my x-wings, so maybe time to use all 4!

Anyway thats it for now!