Saturday, 18 January 2014

X-wing mk results

So after a fun day gaming and meeting loads of friendly people I have the results which I will post in the second!

But to some it up. I did a lot better then I thought, I finished 6th place which is so much better then I ever thought, so here is a quick run down

So first of all my list

Garven dreis
Dutch vander, ion cannon turret
Blue squadron pilot, fire control system
Blue squadron pilot

Game 1-

Well so was drawn against Keith... The UK number 1.. So errr yer not good

His list was 4 green pilots all with ptl and 3 had concussion missiles

Game started really well, and it was a close game all the way through intill the last few turns where he scraped a win!
So game lost

Game 2

Well against a guy called Ryan, I have been talking to him on Fb, so good to finally meet him in person

His list was
Tie bomber with a concussion missile
Two basic tie fighters
Back stapler
Mauler mitheal

Good game, but he quickly took out ship by ship, my last blue pilot almost turned the game around, but couldn't manage it, so another lose for me

Lunch time! So two games two loses, not doing well, o well all good fun tho

Game 3

Game against Scott he used

Ten numb, autoblaster, swarm tactics
Blue pilot, hlc
Biggs, r2d2 and shield upgrade

Well this game was over quickish, he had terrible dice roll , meaning I was about to take out ship by ship, including ion cannon Biggs onto a astroid to finish him off, yay win :)

Game 4

Against another luke , he used
Turf, vet instinct
Fell, ptl
Bona fett, engine upgrade, vet instincts

Wow he flyed well, and took a early lead, but got lucky and got rid of both of turf and fell! It came down to dutch vs boba, and I just won thanks to a single dice roll
Yay second win

Game 5
Against stewart
He used
Howlrunner, squad tactics
Gammer pilot, assault missile, cluster missile and seismic bombs
Gammer pilot, assault missile, cluster missile and seismic bombs

This game went very well for me, near enough taking out a bomber each turn and ion cannoning howl, then move in for kill and same for jonus, both the gammers didn't get their bombs off and 1 didn't get its cluster off, I only lost garven.
Third win

So overall 3 solid wins and 2 loses, I enjoyed my lists and with dutch and garven handing out target locks and focus it meant I got more often then not, really good games tho,   and I reckon dutch is one of my favorite pilots now, he was my pilot of the tournament :)

Hope you enjoyed my quick read up

Happy gaming :)

Edit:  here is the final rankings, yay 6th place :)