Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Necrons Vs Marines, DRAW AGAIN!

O well, a draw again lol thats 4 draws and 1 win out of 5 games.. lol I guess thats all right lol

So idea is to blow the other players objective up, so the first one to do it wins!, but neither of us did it!
Well I took out most of his force, he had 4 marines left lol,
but my immortals were a turn out of planting the bomb!

Annihilation barges again worked well, I had two
Destroyers did well to, taking out 50% of squads out easily
Destroyer Lord and Praetorians worked very well, taking out two squads of marines
Triarch Stalker took out a pred and a land speeder

H destroyers did bugger all

Warriors and immortals did their job, except immortals were to slow lol! night syche next time!
Scarabs were disappointing this game, but they did lower the land raiders armour down so a annihilation barge wrecked it!

O well another draw!