Friday, 2 December 2011

Grey Knights Against Necrons

Well well, Grey Knights... may not be many of them, but it didn't mater, they just took squad after squad in combat.. in combat his turn 2, thanks to assault transports, and bang!
Lynch guard with lord wipe out in one round of combat, and it continued for the whole game.

Result- Draw... Dont ask, he had most of his armies left, I had a Destroyer Lord that kept standing back up, last turn he shot me, killed me, I stood up, assaulted me killed me, I stood up to contest the objective lol!


Destroyer Lord with mind shackle, on his own took out a squad of terminators, and drew me the game, going to put wraiths in with this guy next time
Scarabs once again! has two squads of 5, but going to take one big squad of 10 next game, as I want more destroyers.
Destroyers, didn't do much, but they felt good to be using them again, I will be taking two squads next game.

Lychguard smashed in combat even with the shields.
Overlord still not working for me

Warriors and immortals got murdered but they held better then the lych guard because of numbers.
Worst game I have had with annihilation barges, both losing weapons on his turn 1, but still did well for 90 points!

Overall I hate grey knights, I was out played and grey knights all with force weapons is nasty!