Sunday, 8 March 2015

MK Store championship 2015

So here is my run down of the events of the MK store championship.
I believe a total of 35 people played as there was a few drop outs.

After taking weeks to decide what list to bring, I still couldn't choose, so I brought along-
4x Bandits
4x Talas

yep a full blown rebel Headhunter swarm, I wasn't sure how it was going to fare against the amount of Interceptors and Phantoms that showed up, but off I go!

Game 1
vs Soontir, Dark Curse, Patrol Leader
Picking targets was easy, taking down the patrol leader very quickly and then a little while later taking down dark curse. Soontir still with 2 hull left was up against 7 headhunters, and he called the game there, we worked out Soontir was about to be blocked anyway so action less against 5-6 headhunters shooting should of been enough anyway.
Win 100-12

Dark Curse and Soontir surrounded 

Game 2
vs Rexlar, Howlrunner, 3 Academy's
This game went down to time, with Ties dying as well as Headhunters, Rexlar lived only thanks to his Lone Wolf re-rolls, very close game though
Win 54-51

The mini swarm crashes head first into the Rebel swarm

Game 3
vs Whisper, Howlrunner, 3 Academy's
Great a phantom! Lets see how this goes!
Early shots see me go after the mini swarm, taking down Howlrunner and 2 Academy's, at this point I turn my remaining 7 headhunters towards whisper, now whisper had 2 options, decloak left or forward (right was blocked) decloaking left would see Whisper blocked next turn and taking 5-6 headhunter shots for two turns running. He took a decloak forward which with the movement he had chosen took him off the board.
Win 100-12

Game 4
vs Echo, 2 Sigmas
Great 3 Phantoms!
First pass saw a Sigma go down, but after that the headhunters couldnt line up the shots, Echo just picked off a headhunter at will, while the Sigma was keeping out of arcs well, and the odd shot that did come in had little effect against the phantom defence.
Lose 29-100

Game 5
vs WSF, Luke, Rookie
Early on I knocked off 3 shields off Luke (he has shield upgrade), Luke ran off to heal... which was my Goal, leaving the 8 headhunters to hunt down the rookie and the Mangler outrider, I was never able to finish off Luke, but killing the other two ships meant Luke had a lot of work to do on his own.
Win 63-38

Bandits chasing the poor outrider

Game 6
vs Real Admiral, Patrol Leader
Fun game this one, my dice were poor but in the end the weight of dice against these ships was enough, he did pick off 4 headhunters and a couple of others were damaged, but he couldn't finish them off.
Win 100-50

Top 8
vs Rexlar, Howlrunner, 3 Academy's
I repeat of round 2! But with a twist... Green dice! To sum it up all 8 headhunters shot 1 tie, and were unable to kill it! In the last turn of the game it came down to if I could kill his last two ties (1 had 1 Hull and 1 had 2 Hull), I was able to point all my headhunters at them, including at range 1, but not a single shot got through, including 3 natural evades to save one of them.
Lost 30-49

Overall a good day, and a lot of fun
Won some nice goodies, but the FFG dice bags do seem really low quality but the cloak tokens look really good.

The Final was between the players I played in round 3 and 6 and the duel Decimators winning the whole thing.
The biggest surprise for me, was that there wasn't many Scum lists around, a lot of Soontirs and Phantoms and not many turrets!
So looking at that, I am quite happy with my results, as the swarm really struggles vs ships like Phantoms and Soontirs!

Till next time :)