Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Conquest and X-wing!

So Saturday saw 4 of us play some conquest!
I went 2-1 in the Swiss and then won in the final, i was using Ragner Blackmane as my Warlord

Game 1-

Very close game against Dark Eldar, I won on the 7th planet by warlord kill, both of us had 3 planets each at this point!

Game 2-

Played against Marines and got thrashed completely, he had the perfect set up, and nothing I could do about it

Game 3-

Vs Chaos, this game was won by me killing the Warlord on Planet 5, he had to commit to planet 5, as if I won the planet I won the game anyway.

Game 4(Final)

Vs the Marines I lost to in game 2, Got a warlord kill again this game (theme running?) on the 5th planet, game turned a bit one sided, I got a bit lucky due to after I used a Mulligan on a rubbish hand, the new hand gave me 3 Elysian Assault teams... which set me up very quickly

Good fun and some nice prizes
Prizes :)

I also got 4 games on X-wing in, using my Imperial big 3 list (I am trying this list out for store championships) The list basically is a Patrol leader with rebel Captive, basic bounty hunter, and a shuttle with Darth Vader

Game 1
vs Wedge, Wes and Garvin
Won 100-33, my list just out lived theirs basically

Game 2
Vs Wedge, Wes, Biggs, Tala
Won 100-33 again, same as last time, as soon as Biggs fell so did Wedge, leaving Wes and a Tala vs a untouched decimator and a half life shuttle.

Game 3
Vs Twin Firespray
I won this 100-24, including taking one bounty hunter out in first round on shooting (range 1 of two of my ships) and he hit it with relentless, and after that it was a case of chasing after his other bounty hunter.

Game 4
Rematch vs the twin firesprays
This time it was a 100-0 win for me, long game, lots of chasing, and 1 Hull left on my bounty hunter, and not much on my Decimator or shuttle either! Good game though

But I am now scrapping this list for the store championships, as I do not believe it can take on lists such as Dash and Corran, hmmm back to the drawing board

Anyway a very quick written post as its getting late

Happy Gaming :)